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Master Todd Doyle

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Todd Doyle began his Martial Arts study in 1990 while attending his first year at the University of Mississippi. In the 1990s, he studied on 3 separate occasions with Great Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong. During this time, he learned from the Chinese Grandmaster the Big Knife sword form, and another form called 6 Ways 8 Methods (Liu He Ba Fa) which is a complete system in and of itself.

Master Doyle is ranked 5th Dan in the system of Wuzuquan under Grandmaster John E. Graham Sr. He is a direct Disciple under Grandmaster Graham, receiving personal and private instruction from him over the years. GM Graham has passed onto Master Doyle the philosophy of true leadership (It's not about you but the students) and how to be an effective communicator and leader. Master Doyle's emphasis in teaching the Martial Arts is good health and vitality, effective self-defense, and passing onto his students the traditional art of Five Ancestor Fist to the next generation.