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10 Days of Meditation- Day 6

March 05, 2018

-Master Todd Doyle

10 Days of Meditation- Day 6

It's late Sunday, and I tried a longer time tonight. I went for 35 minutes!  In the beginning, there is the usual discomfort with my right leg as it protests sitting in an Indian style position. After the first 2 minutes, however, the muscles relaxed and I felt more comfortable. I'm listening to a repeated soundtrack, so I can kind of determine just how long I've been sitting, and at about 10 minutes in, I felt the Titch at the center of the top of my head. It stayed there for a long time, kind of like a blowhole of a whale. Then I felt it lengthen down my skull toward my forehead, and it felt like a mohawk hat was on my head. After about fifteen minutes, my shoulder blades became warm and I felt that warmth spread down my arms. At twenty minutes, something new happened. I felt a tingling in my fingertips, specifically the pinky and the fourth finger. I had placed my hands on my knees palms up, but now, I put them together, fingertip to fingertip and the Titch moved into my left palm! My hands became warm and tingly. I tried a new way of breathing tonite, inhale and draw my stomach in, exhale, let the diaphram push out. It gave me a warm belly. At the end of the 35 minutes, my hands were tingling, my head felt like it wore a phantom helmet, and my feet were asleep! 

So I got up and practiced the qigong I learned from Bruce Frantzis and that produced more tingling in my hands! 

Very interesting. Good feelings when that tingle comes along. 

It's fifteen after midnight, and I still have that Titch on my head. Feels like a helmet. Not uncomfortable, just weird.