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5th Degree Test

June 05, 2017

-Master Doyle

5th Degree 4

5th Degree Test

After 27 years of beginning this journey, I have reached an apex. I have become a Master. There is only one thing that got me here. Persistence. The test was hard. Very hard. Halfway through, I couldn't catch my breath and my tank was empty. Master Graham said, "Todd, we can stop here, if you like. You can always come back and try this again." I shook my head, "No Sir, I will keep going." I pushed through the next 8 forms and then some. What got me through? Persistence. Do not give up on your dream. Ever. Even when offered a way out. Don't take it. The defeat will overwhelm you. You only have one shot at winning. Take it. Push through the pain. Make the moment yours. The rewards will be plenty. Never give up.