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10 Days of Meditation- Day 8

March 07, 2018

-Master Todd Doyle

10 Days of Meditation- Day 8

Today I went for 35 minutes. Within 20 seconds of sitting down and beginning the music, I felt the Bai Hui point flare up in activation. That is the point in the middle of the top of my skull. I focused on relaxation, and about two minutes in, my knees relaxed and my sitting position became much more comfortable. About 15 minutes in, I felt my hands completely relax and let go of any tension. The Titch remained strong on my head, and I felt the Gallbladder meridian strongly this morning. About 25 minutes in, my belly button and lower Dantian began tingling. Then I felt the Titch in a new place, between my pectoral muscles. It stayed there for a few minutes before moving up into the base of my throat, where it stayed tingling until the end. 

Then I got up and practiced the qigong from Bruce and doubled the amount of reps for the first time to 200. 

Today, my mind just seemed to let go and not focus on anything other than what my body was feeling. Very void of emotions or thoughts.  

That's all for today.