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10 Days of Meditation- Day 7- It's just the Gallbladder Meridian!

March 06, 2018

-Master Todd Doyle

10 Days of Meditation- Day 7-It's just the Gallbladder Meridian!

I lasted for 34 minutes today. Once again, the center point in my head became noticeable and it felt like I was wearing a phantom helmet. Well, after doing some research, I have figured out that it isn't a supernatural, super spiritual thing! It is merely the Gallbladder Meridian being activated very strongly! I've been having this sensation for some time now, and once I saw the lines of the meridian, it made sense to me that this is a Qi thing. 

Today, I really relaxed around the legs and my feet. I felt a Titch first in my left bicep, then my right bicep. Then slight tingling in my fingertips. I felt so relaxed, that at one point, I realized I had started slouching in my sitting position, which forced me to readjust my posture. 

I did feel like the Qi settled for a little while in my lower Dantien. It's like having a fireworks sparkler inside your body, just under your skin. That's the closest I can convey the sensation. 

Nothing cognitive happened, in terms of "Ice to water, water to steam". 

That's all for today.