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10 Days of Meditation- Day 4

March 02, 2018

-Master Todd Doyle

10 Days of Meditation- Day 4

I woke up this morning with extra time for meditation, so I practiced it. Almost immediately after I had positioned myself and started the music on my iphone, I began feeling a sensation in my perineum. It was a mix between a electrical feeling and an itch. I focused on it and slowly felt it move itself back toward my rear. The sensation stayed there for along time until it returned to my perineum and then it seemd to branch out down my thighs. Now I'm sitting cross-legged and it felt like this "itch-tingle" moved into the deep parts of my thighs, like it was in my bones. It reached halfway down my thighs and simply rested there. Then the "titch"? moved forward into my groin. By this time, I'm focusing on my Dantien, putting all concentration just below my navel. Suddenly, the area around my bellybutton and inside my belly, begin to tingle and itch (a "titch"?). The Titch seemed to settle there, 

20 minutes had passed and I opened my eyes and practiced the qigong that Bruce taught in his series and then moved on to one of my Wuzuquan sets.

Eventually, the Titch disappeared.

Very interesting indeed.