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10 Days of Meditation- Day 3- Refocusing

March 01, 2018

-Master Todd Doyle

10 Days of Meditation- Day 3- Refocusing

Time to refocus. I've been waking up later and later for the past few days, and haven't been able to shake that pattern. So after class tonight, I decided to get back to the meditation. I lasted for about 20 minutes

So, the first thing I noticed, was the discomfort in my right hip as I sat Indian style on a couple of pillows and a blanket. Eventually, that joint relaxed and the pain went away. 

Then I noticed that my neck was slightly out of position, so I focused on that, till the discomfort went away. 

Then it was the middle of my back that was aching! I didn't realize I was so tense back there! I spent the rest of the time trying to will it to relax, but with not much success.

Cognitively, I was pretty wrapped up in my physical sensations, so I didn't go deep with my thoughts. I just tried to focus on what was happening right now.

That's all for tonight.