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Women's Self Defense

Learn practical Self-Defense!

Women's Self-Defense

Martial Art of Five Ancestor Fist

Martial Art of Five Ancestor Fist, also known as Wuzuquan, is about helping people change their lives and character through Martial Arts.

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Basic Self-Defense Class- Group

Category 1,

In this class, we will cover the basics of self-defense and safety practices that are utilized to keep one's self safe in the case of a criminal confrontation or assault. We cover basic defense stances, hand position, striking postures, natural defense weapons (hands, elbows, knees, & feet). We will also cover basic escape techniques, designed to help you escape the attack, not stand and fight. Not everyone is cut out to be a fighter, and we realize that. The goal of this class is to prepare you, raise awareness, and develop prudent strategies for keeping safe and unharmed. 

The cost of this course for a group is $20 per person. Check with Master Doyle for scheduling times and locations. 

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Core Self-Defense Course- Group

In the Core Self-Defense Course- We take the basics of self-defense and put them into a series of classes for the purpose of honing what we learned. These are 30 minute classes that meet twice a week for four weeks. In this course, striking and defense is emphasized. Timing, rhythm, and distancing are taught. Escaping grabs and holds, as well as basic wrist and finger joint manipulation is covered (Chin-Na). 

The cost of the course is $50 for the entire month's course. Contact Master Doyle for scheduling and location.

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Intense Focus Self-Defense Course

In this course, 45 minute classes focus the first month on striking and defense, timing, rhythm, and reactionary gaps. In the second month, we focus solely on Chinese Chin-Na (seizing and manipulating joints) for the purpose of self-defense. In the third month, we focus on basics of kickboxing and learn techniques from the Greatest Kickboxers of legend, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace and Joe Lewis "Father of Kickboxing." For the third month, participants would be required to purchase boxing gloves, mouthguards, and protective headgear & footgear.

The cost of this class is $180 for the three month course. Contact Master Doyle for schedule and location.

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